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We turn $1 into $2

The no.1 online marketing trend? It’s Pay-to-Play; and nothing dries up your budget faster than amateurish work. We are a digital advertising agency in Singapore that specializes in using paid ads to grow your profits, not that of Google & Facebook’s.

80% of our clients see positive ROI after approximately 2-3 months of campaign optimization. Some experience 10 or11x ROI. Do you want a system that can reliably turn $1 into $2/3/4 or more without you lifting a finger? Well, that’s what we do. Search engine marketing, Facebook marketing: All using our unique proven framework that takes you from A to Z. 

What our clients say

We've helped great brands reach new heights

Performance based partnership

Are you paying for ambiguous “brand awareness”? Working with digital marketing agencies that are unable to deliver on their promised number of leads? Having inconsistent results from Facebook or Google ads ? Here at Ice Cube, we are confident in our services, that’s why we tie our monthly pricing to business results we produce:

Performance model

We don’t deliver? Simple, we get paid nothing.

Qualified leads

We want you to earn, so we earn too

ROI focused

Stop paying for arbitrary retainer & setup fees


Lead Generation

If you are a Service based business with a strong sales team eager for a stream of qualified leads, we can do that for you

Search Marketing

Google ads has expanded its text allowance affording advertisers even more opportunities. Is your copywriting up to par?

Content Marketing

Content is king, as the saying goes. Content is a staple on the internet: whether you are doing social media marketing or search ads.

Why choose us?


Some agencies are about short term sales spike whereas we steer towards evergreen campaigns that continue to generate results for a long time


We are entrepreneurs too. We see you as partners and adopt a performance based working arrangement that aligns both parties' interests


We are as skeptical about our own campaigns as anyone, hence we use testing and data analytics to verify our assumptions. Let numbers speak for themselves


No long term contracts. You are always welcome to test things out with Ice Cube Marketing. We don’t see why you would stop if sales improve


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