Ice Cube Marketing is a team of hybrid marketers fanatical about the art and science of marketing, with a common mission to bring good marketing to businesses in Singapore.

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What is good marketing

‘’If it doesn’t sell, it’s not creative’’ , a quote from advertising legend, David Ogilvy informs our approach.
In the digital age, it is even more of a no-brainer to tie marketing returns to investment. Yet, firms are putting money in marketing like it is a blackhole.

Good marketing should grow your bottom line. Period.

We put our skin in the game by aligning our compensation with your sales increment through a performance model.

Why are we confident?

You have heard of the saying ‘tip of iceberg’, what about ‘tip of icecube’ ?

With a common observation & experience that most agencies only scratch the surface(tip of icecube) when it comes to marketing, the initial group of Icecubers came together in 2015 - determined to produce campaigns built on proper marketing foundation – combining the best practices from the east and west.

That means gaining an understanding of not just the demographics, but also the psychographics of the target audience through primary and secondary research.  

Ice Cube Marketing was thus born.

Today, with every new icecuber that joins us, our modus operandi remains crystal clear- to produce ‘’no B.S.’’ campaigns that increases sales. Sometimes it translates to doing 10x more work, from research, tracking, optimizing to scaling. But guess what, you don’t see them reflected in the invoice; you see it in your ROI.


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The icecube difference

Leadership Team

Ted Chong

Ted started one of the biggest portal in the education space, Digital Senior and grew it from 0 to 60,000 monthly traffic organically. Ted speaks and writes about digital marketing regularly. You can find his thoughts in publications such as TechinAsia, Asiaone business, Singapore Business Review and e27. In June 2016, his article on SEO was named one of top 10 articles in TechinAsia. Ted holds a first class honors in Business IT from NTU. In his free time, Ted enjoys a round of meditation. He has even spent an entire week in a monastery!

Ricky Tay

Ricky came from Panasonic where he was in charge of optimizing the website of the Japanese company. He has always wanted to be an entrepreneur. While still a student, he co-founded the first student-initated cafe in NTU, Pitchstop which is currently still in operation.  After his scholarship bond was over, he set up Ice Cube Marketing with Ted. He is glad to be doing what he enjoys now. An avid runner, Ricky loves to challenge himself by taking part in races and breaking his personal records.

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