Spending money on search engine marketing campaigns is like dabbling in the stock market for most people in Singapore.


It is easy to get fingers burnt. The idea of investing 5 to 6 figures is inconceivable.

However,if you do things the right way, 5 -6 figures can multiply into 6 -7 figures for your business.

Our clients experience that through our Pay per click services:  

The leads they(Ice Cube Marketing) provided come with a sense of urgency to buy. Importantly, we achieved a highly positive ROI (11x) from the google ads campaign, not to mention the increased awareness for our company. We are currently scaling the campaign every quarter alongside capacity increment.

Nick Zhou - Director, Airconnection Design Pte Ltd

How can we be sure of the ROI?

The birth of PPC meant that online advertising can now be reduced to a science. It is unlike anything in history: Radio, TV, magazine ads or even SEO.

Conversions= Clicks x Conversion rate.

By knowing the Cost per click (CPC) and Conversion rate, we can predictably calculate the cost per conversion; Conversion being a sale or a lead.

With Google ads tracking code installed, we are able to attribute conversions to specific keywords or ads and optimize the campaign for maximum amount of business results.

This allows our agency to deliver positive ROI each month, turning $1 into $3, $4 or more for our clients.

Most advertisers just pay for click after click with no idea how and when the ROI is going to come in. We call that ‘Hope’ marketing.

i.Poise Design: "We expanded from 2 people to a team of 10 within a span of just 1 year"

Eugene Seah - Marketing Director, iPoise Design Pte Ltd

We first engaged a Google Premium Partner to manage our Adwords Campaign. However even after advertising for 1 year with this company, we had hardly 2 genuine leads.

Everything changed when one of our business partners recommended Ice Cube Marketing to us.Ice Cube Marketing offered to code and create a brand-new Landing Page inclusive of copywriting.

As a result, We have been receiving an average of 3 to 5 leads per week. We even closed several deals amounting to more than 6 figures in 1 month.

Rajan Chettiar: "Its lower budget that what i used to spend. The ROI is very good."

Rajan Chettiar - Founder and Managing Director, Rajan Chettiar LLC.

We have used a very expensive SEM agency, which later in years did not produce good results.

They(Ice Cube Marketing) had good ideas and they were willing to go the extra mile for us. Importantly, their ideas produced better results and at very reasonable prices. I am also impressed by their copywriting skills.  I consider Ricky and Ted, more than my business partners and as friends who care a lot about our Firm. 

I would highly recommend Ice Cube Marketing to anyone and everyone.

PPC campaign is an auction. Every keyword price is determined by supply and demand.

I’m sure you have heard. In Singapore, Google adwords cost per click is not cheap. It can go from $1 to upwards of $20 per click depending on the industry.

Businesses get burnt in PPC because they fritter away their clicks. When users click into the website, they are missing a compelling experience that converts visitors into leads/sales. It is like generating walk-ins to a retail store in Orchard Road and ignoring each one of them.

The 2 biggest obstacles to online conversions? Mystery and Confusion.

If you clear up the obstacles and increase conversion rate from, say 2% to 5%, you double the number of conversions! You essentially double your sales.

In Ice Cube Marketing, our PPC package encompasses the entire online marketing funnel from conversion tracking to ads creation to landing page copywriting.

Why Choose Us?

No long term contract

Businesses are often made to continue an ads campaign that is losing huge money because they are stuck in a 1-year contract. In Ice Cube Marketing, we do not believe in tying businesses down with legal obligations. They can stop anytime they like. But most of them don’t. Well, because they are making money.


We don’t just pay lip service to the buzzword “ROI”. We put our skin in the game. Our remuneration is tied to your ROI. Because of our unique charging model, we have to make sure that your campaign becomes highly profitable and remains so. This means keeping google ad costs low and revenue high throughout.

Prepares you for expansion

We specialize in creating evergreen campaigns that bring in sales for you all-year-round instead of generating short term sales spike. We believe that the key to growing SMEs is to produce predictable sales that allow you to confidently expand your sales and operations team.

The time for a different charging model

The traditional method would be to charge a percentage of ad budget. For example, if your ad budget is $1000 per month, you might pay additional management fees of $300 (30% of budget) to the agency.

It is no surprising, every PPC consultant wants you to spend more money in Google and Facebook ads so they can earn more. There is a conflict of interest. As long as you fritter away more clicks and spend more money, SEM agencies in Singapore earn more money, whether or not they bring you increase in sales.

In Ice Cube Marketing, we adopt a performance based model whereby our earnings will be pegged to your ROI, instead of your ad budget.

This means that we have no interest in coercing you to spend 10k-100k/month on Google ads, unless it helps you to obtain better returns. In return, we earn more. 

Anyone can increase sales by dumping more money into ads. Not only did ice cube marketing help us bring in 200-300 leads a month consistently, they reduced our cost per lead by more than 50%. Also, it is observed that these leads tend to have a higher hit rate (more quality) than those we were getting. Thank you Ice cube Marketing!

Eugene Huang - Director, Redbrick Mortgage Advisory

In the first month working with Ice Cube Marketing, I closed 10 deals from their ppc campaign. Likewise for the 2nd month. In the 3rd month, the sales was doubled! Every month, the number leads and deals that comes in is very consistent. Overall , I would say the online advertising campaign has been a huge Success in generating the RIGHT leads that eventually converts into sales.

Raymond Ding - Founder, Wash2dry


Do you work with any type of business?

Do you do Facebook ads?

Are you the only agency in Singapore doing performance based charging?

How much does it cost to advertise on google?

Are your leads qualified?

Why is Search engine marketing suitable for SMEs?

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With highly traceable metrics such as CPC and Conversion rate, PPC is one of the most predictable forms of sales engine for any company. If you have great plans for your company, talk to us now to see if we can help you achieve them.

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