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Who are we ?

Sports team

We are only as good as our weakest link. We are close knitted & fun-loving but also don’t hesitate to call out on each others’ B.S. (even if he/she is the superior). We enjoy working with great teammates who challenge and motivate each other to be the best of ourselves each day! To ensure that we are amongst the best, all Icecubers have to pass our test & selection process.

Kindergarten Class

This started as a joke because our 1st office was so small that it could only fit in small tables & chairs- like those you see in Kindergarten classrooms. Gradually, we found that the kindergarten spirit is very fitting of our culture. We are not afraid to fail & to try. We are not afraid to be seen as stupid; we are always hungry & foolish to learn and to experiment. We are kindergarten class Icecube!  

Avengers Team

Seriously, digital marketing can transform companies. Don’t you think that we have superpowers ? It doesn’t come easy. Digital marketing is a field that requires the most demanding of skillsets. It is an intersection of arts & science. You have to know psychology, writing, analysis and be ultra-creative. Do you have what it takes ?  

We don’t hire people that just want a job, we hire individuals that want to do great work, grow their careers, and as a result, the business they work for.

Why join us ?

Exposure to myriads of industries 

Oftentimes, our breakthrough comes from taking an idea from one industry and applying it to another. Start to experience the power of Cross-pollination.


We are a sports team and we are big on performance! If you are an MVP, you will be recognized and rewarded. Just don’t be a bench player..

Casual and relaxed work environment

We want you to be you, and by you being you, we believe that you will create genuine, fantastic work.

Career development opportunities

As a kindergarten class, continuous learning is imperative in Icecube! Apart from peer sharing, you learn through our internal library and other external courses.


If you are in Avengers, there is something special about you. We place massive trust in every Icecuber and their ability to spearhead projects. Unleash your highest potential here.

Open door policy

Feedback’s a must. Transparency is more than a buzzword. In Icecube, short 1-on-1’s with your manager and weekly meetings inspire collaboration.

 Oh Xinyun 

NUS grad


“I would never have thought that I would find a job that let me enjoy what I do and have fun at the same time. At Ice Cube, we all work in a team and share with one another our knowledge and experience. No one is unreachable to talk to or get help from. We are always encouraged to share and discuss our problems together. I never felt like I was alone in anything.

I also enjoy working under the leadership of the management. As a company, we are clear on what we have to offer and does not try to be all things to all people. As a result, our works are extremely focused and goal oriented, with the right amount of workload given. The management constantly check on us to make sure we are not overwhelmed or anything.

We also play a game or two of foosball every day after work! I am always reminded of how lucky I am to have found Ice Cube as my first job out of university!”

 Shermaine Ang 

NTU literature intern


“The culture at Ice Cube Marketing was very supportive. With a small team, everyone had quite a lot of work but also had a strong sense of responsibility for their work. They had quite a good rapport and were welcoming and friendly to me. Foosball matches after lunch were a huge highlight. The culture also emphasises transparent and clear communication. Every morning we had “daily updates” where everyone shared their agenda for the day, and sometimes an inspiring personal experience.

I also like the egalitarian culture - the whole team went for lunch together every day. The flat structure and the fast-moving start-up scene means that employees know what’s going on, the impact of their work, and are more motivated to work harder for the company. My supervisor and bosses were patient with me throughout my internship. When I produced work that was not up to standard, they gave me constructive criticism on how to improve, rather than scolding me. The management also stresses self-governance and does not micro-manage, which I appreciated."

Am I the right fit ? 

Do you possess all 3 qualities below ?

Hungry to learn
(and share)

Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard. There is so much to learn in the world of digital marketing. If you think you are already ‘there’, congrats, you can go elsewhere. In Icecube, we never stop learning and becoming better.

Ownership over your own projects

You are not someone to shirk responsibility- over your own results & your learning. You understand (from Uncle Ben) that - With power comes responsibility. You are 100% accountable for the results of your work and you don’t make excuses for yourself.

High standards over 

Ogilvy once said that a great marketer is a poet and a killer. Poets set exacting standards on themselves. They produce great work not because a boss is overlooking them. They do that because the work represents who they are. You need to take pride in your work. 

Our mission is to bring world-class marketing to businesses in Singapore. We can only achieve that through the collective efforts of the best marketers in the country.

Ted Chong, Co founder , Ice Cube Marketing

Our Core Values




Do you think that you are a FIT for Ice Cube Marketing ??
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