PSG Digital marketing grant with up to 70% subsidies

Pre-approved vendor with a strong track record of creating high-ROI digital marketing campaigns

The Productivity Solutions Grant(PSG) has finally been expanded to include digital marketing solutions. This is great news for SMEs because digital marketing is such an important aspect of SME’s growth arsenal! We are not talking about digital marketing for getting likes and shares. We refer to digital marketing that can generate leads and sales. To make sure that SMEs truly benefit from the program, IMDA has allocated limited number of slots for application. This is to ensure that all vendors up keep utmost quality of work when we take on clients. It is highly recommended that you check through the criteria and suitability before submitting the form.

Why choose us

Specialists in digital ad campaigns

We are not your full-service digital marketing agency. We do not provide SEO, web design or other digital services. We are specialised in running digital marketing campaigns which includes Facebook, Google and Youtube advertising. Our local team of 20+ members is focused on doing one thing and doing it well.

Get Positive ROI

Most people thought that digital marketing is a cost center. However, our campaigns generate a typical ROI of 2-5x and pay for itself. This means that you can continue getting customers month after month even after the duration of the PSG grant. Of course, your business must be able to handle an increase in leads and customers.

Predictable leads system

Say goodbye to inconsistent sales or unreliable referral partners. Our paid ads campaign works with consistency and predictability. It is also scalable based on your business needs and budget level. Many of our clients have stayed with us for more than 3 years while experiencing consistent number of leads to fuel their business growth.

Our Approved Packages

Predictable leads Package

This includes launching of campaigns in 2 channels (Search & Social), creation of landing page, crafting of ads and creatives. Split-testing is carried out to find out the combination of ads and audiences that work best.

Video Predictable leads package

The use of video can strengthen your messaging. Video also creates rapport and builds trust, all before ever meeting up. Videos can be promoted on Facebook as well as Youtube ads and is versatile.

Who is this for

Grant application process

Request a consultation for needs analysis

If there is a fit, a quotation will be provided

Submit PSG application at the government portal

Accept the letter of offer

Confirm and launch project with Icecube

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Suitable industries



Home improvement


about icecube marketing

We are a digital marketing agency founded in 2015 in Singapore. We are also an accredited Google Partner, Facebook Partner as well as PSG pre-approved vendor. Our insights have been featured in Entrepreneur, TechinAsia, e27 and Singapore Business Review. We have spoken in OfficeExpo 2017/18, Singapore Chamber of Commerce, NUS, SMU & HDB Hub spreading digital marketing knowledge in Singapore.


SMEs can apply if it is a business entity registered and operating in Singapore; Have a minimum of 30%local shareholding; AND. Company’s Group annual sales turnover should be not more than S$100million, OR Company’s Group employment size should be no more than 200 employees. Due to limited slots, all applications are subjected to approval. 

Each company can only apply for 1 PSG in each solution category. For example, if you have obtained PSG for your laptop computer, you can still apply for PSG for digital marketing solution. However, once you have done so for the digital marketing solution, you can no longer apply for another one.

It takes approximately 4-6weeks for ESG to approve your application. Hence companies are encouraged to submit applications as early as possible so that they can launch their campaign based on their planned date.

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