How to choose the right digital marketing agency and crack the digital code

In searching for a digital marketing agency, what are you actually…
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A comparison of Google and Facebook ads auction platform

Most of us digital marketers are no strangers to Google adwords.…
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How to create a landing page that generates sales-qualified leads for any business

What is a landing page A landing page is like the airport of…
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SEO in Singapore

How much does SEO costs in Singapore ?

SEO, short for Search Engine Optimization, is simply the practice…
October 28, 2017/by Ice Cube

21 Digital Marketing Hacks to jumpstart your online success today

According to Statista, 2015 brought about $59.82 billion spent…
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How much does it cost to do Facebook Advertising in Singapore?

March 18, 2017/by Ice Cube

What you need to know about PPC advertising in Singapore before putting in a single cent

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Top 15 web hosting companies in Singapore that can take care of your IT needs

Based on a report by Today, Singapore's internet penetration…
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10 marketing tips for higher learning institutions in Singapore looking to recruit more students

Higher education in Singapore is a huge market that caters not…
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Technical SEO 101 for getting your website ranked on Google [infographic]

Technical SEO is often an overlooked aspect of SEO. However,…
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Ranking My Company’s Brand Name on Google : SEO for branding

Don’t be mistaken, it’s not the same as ranking for commercial…
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8 traps of facebook marketing that causes Singapore business owners to burn time and money

You probably don't need another person to tell you that ''everyone…
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How to Get my Customer to Give me a Testimonial or Review?

Annual Local Consumer Review Survey by BrightLocal sheds light…
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How to use Facebook Advertising to generate leads & sales for small local businesses

When it comes to Facebook advertising, it simply means pressing…
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Should I use Groupon for my business?

In 2016, Similarweb estimates that Groupon Singapore has an average…
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Should I Include Price On My Website?

One dilemma that is commonly shared by all the entrepreneurs…
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[Infographic] Online consumer statistics that businesses in Singapore need to know

It all starts with your  customers. Any advice falls flat if…
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Singaporebrides Case Study

August 9, 2016/by Ice Cube
Digital Marketing

What is digital marketing and is it suitable for my local business?

Have you bought some ads on Facebook and not get any sales out…
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The best way to find out how to better market your business online in Singapore

Every now and then, a friend , an acquaintance or a distant relative…
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Get More Leads

Do u want more leads or better branding?

A recent case with a client has made me ponder about this topic…
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SEO do's and dont's

Why you cant do SEO for your business?

Here at ICM, we have had to disappoint many SEO-hopefuls , not…
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Why most business owners in Singapore pay double website development fees?

It is fair to say that it is a must for businesses to have web…
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10 important things you need to know when choosing a SEO company in Singapore

Great ! You chanced upon SEO and are thinking of doing it. (…
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