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Stop trying to succeed in 2021 with 2014 marketing.

From expanded ad copies, responsive ads to smart bidding, Google ads platform has undergone significant changes. New features aside, increasing competition in paid search meant that it takes much more to succeed today. On average, top performing accounts tested 11X more creatives than less successful accounts.

ROI, not costs

On the same token, SEM has evolved into a powerful sales generator for SMEs in Singapore. While other advertisers worry about the costs of pay-per-click advertising, we rest secure in the knowledge that your online ads will return significant ROI. This goes beyond lip service as we tie our compensation to your sales results for our SEM service. We are as invested in your success as you are. This means we do not seek to get you clicks or impressions; we get you sales. Period.

Diagram: Lowering cost per conversion while increasing no. of leads exponentially for our client

Anyone can increase sales by dumping more money into ads. Not only did ice cube marketing help us bring in 200-300 leads a month consistently, they reduced our cost per lead by more than 50%. Also, it is observed that these leads tend to have a higher hit rate (more quality) than those we were getting. Thank you Ice cube Marketing!

Eugene Huang 
Director, Redbrick Mortgage Advisory

IceCube team is driven by performance. They took time to analyse our previous campaign and to understand our business and requirements as the first step of engagement. They were confident in achieving our targets and have delivered a 35% lower cost per lead and helped us in recruiting more targeted potential franchisees. It was a collaborative and productive experience with IceCube and we are happy to recommend their service to any business who is interested in generating results

Jaye Chong
Division leader, Kumon Singapore

Our brand experience

i.Poise Design: "We expanded from 2 people to a team of 10 within a span of just 1 year"

Eugene Seah, Co-founder, i.Poise Interiors

Rajan Chettiar: "Its lower budget that what i used to spend. The ROI is very good."

Rajan Chettiar, Managing Director, Rajan Chettiar LLC

Sales Process Translation

To deliver the sales results that eludes most other advertisers and agencies, we adopt an intensive practice termed Sales Process TranslationTM(SPT). This involves sitting down with your sales team(not marketing team) for a deep-dive into the sales conversations. Using our framework, we break down the sales insights into marketing assets comprising a landing page and a myriad of ad copies that gets your prospects excited about buying(before meeting you).


The sheer number of elements involved makes it a must for us to incorporate AI into optimization. Imagine having a dozen ad copies to split-test and hundreds of keywords to shortlist from. Budget inefficiently assigned translates to opportunity cost. By leveraging machine learning, we are able to shift your ad budget to the best converting assets and maximize ROI realtime.

Not only does Ice Cube Marketing help us with enhancing brand awareness, they also deliver real business results in their marketing campaigns that are beyond basic metrics such as clicks and views. Ice Cube helped us generate substantial signups for our key events within relatively short duration, and very high percentage of actual turnouts – a testament to the quality of their campaigns optimisation and management. We would like to thank them for their contribution to helping more students discover PSB Academy.

Jovan Lin
Assistant Vice President, PSB Academy

Andrew and his team has done a phenomenal job at sourcing for fresh, high-quality leads for us. Having worked with several lead generation and marketing companies over the past 5 years, I can honestly say that Ice Cube produces the most ROI for every dollar we spend on ads. Not only are they honest, down-to-earth and easy to work with, they have singlehandedly increased our sales by 30% in less than 3 months. I have not worked with a single agency who is capable of producing such fast results. Results aside, I also cannot emphasize enough how many times Andrew has gone the extra mile for us, even when he didn’t have to.

Huey and Irene
Director, Absolute Wellness

We first engaged a Google Premium Partner to manage our Adwords Campaign. However even after advertising for 1 year with this company and spending $15,000, we had hardly 2 genuine leads….Everything changed with Ice Cube. We have been receiving an average of 3 to 5 leads per week. We even closed 2 deals amounting to more than 6 figures in 1 month.

Eugene Seah
Marketing Director
iPoise Design Pte Ltd

Why choose us

Performance-based Charging

Instead of charging a fixed management fee regardless of your ROI, we choose to share the risks with our clients. We adopt a performance based charging model in which our fees are computed based on the sales generated from our campaigns. This aligns both parties’ interests and ensures we produce the best results.


As one of the few content-centered digital agencies in Singapore, the use of words and the meaning they bring lays the foundation of everything we do. From developing your customer avatar to planning your landing page, we set out to formulate the right copy that speaks to your specific target audience instead of using a one-size-fits-all messaging.


Unlike other agencies, we do not believe in tying up our customers in year-long contracts. Our relationships with clients last more than a year not because of legal obligations, but because it simply makes business sense for them. We typically work on a trial basis over a 3-months window.

About Ice Cube Marketing 

We are a digital marketing agency founded in 2014 in Singapore. We are also an accredited Google Partner as well as Facebook Partner agency. We have spoken in OfficeExpo 2017/18, Singapore Chamber of Commerce, NUS spreading digital marketing knowledge in Singapore.

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