Case Studies


150 new paying customers in 1 month

PSB Academy

Generated 114 signups in 3 weeks


35% lower cost per lead from previous campaign

CA International College

52% increase in leads from previous campaign at a lower CPL.

Absolute Wellness

Increase sales by 30% in 3months.


How we drove 4000+ downloads of the mobile app in 3 months.

Dian Xiao Er

How we created an extra 5-figure increase in online sales for an offline business


How we increased sales by 30% in a highly competitive industry inspite of initial failure

From 0 to 50,000 monthly organic traffic in Singapore for a new brand

Axxis Consulting

Increased sales by transitioning from cold-calling to digital lead generation for a B2B software business

Singaporebrides Wedding Portal

Drove an extra 50,000 organic traffic to

Ipoise Design

How we brought in 6 figures in sales in 1 month with a small budget

Neuromath Learning Centre

Generating a consistent stream of leads beyond word of mouth


Creating trust over the internet and generating quality signups


How we achieved 11x ROI by replacing foot traffic with online traffic