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Why do most campaigns fail ?

Few people understand that the other side of a digital campaign is people. We are marketing to real people, not Google, not Facebook.

If you want to grow sales, you have to understand why people buy.

I’m guessing you have heard of the common saying in sales, “People buy on emotion and justify with logic.”  Here’s the science behind it.

In the 1900s, Sigmund Freud, founder of psychoanalysis came out with a deceptively simple theory to understand our sophisticated minds, one that would be referenced by future generations in wide-ranging number of fields.

Using the analogy of tip of the Iceberg, he explained that the mind is divided into 2 parts. What we commonly refer to as “our mind” which conducts all our thinking, actually forms only 10% of the whole and is known as our conscious mind. Our unconscious mind, though hidden beneath the surface unknown to us, gives rise to our emotions, intuitions and habits.


Ice Cube Marketing’s take on the famous Sigmund Analogy

How is that even of concern to us ? Well, every bit of it.

Harvard Business School professor Gerald Zaltman says that 95% of our purchase decisions take place unconsciously. Our powerful unconscious mind processes millions of bits of data and makes micro-calculations to determine the right decisions to make – all underneath the surface.

The decisions come to us in the form of emotions or intuitions, such as :

“It feels right, but I just can’t explain why…..”

Our conscious mind will always make up reasons to justify our unconscious decisions, according to Prof Gerald.  This is nothing new. Great salespeople throughout the course of history tap on sales psychology to sell to the unconscious mind.

Yet.. 90% of advertisers write ads that appeal to 10% of the mind.

It’s not hard to understand why.

You see, most digital campaigns are run by people who are very digitally savvy, the programmers, the designers and the technical people.

They seem to have forgotten that digital marketing is about marketing to people; we are talking about psychology and sociology.

It is not just a science, but an art. It entails real understanding of real human beings- what makes them tick, what makes them cringe.

We can them Social Triggers.

The use of Authority, Social Proof, Stories, Scarcity, Hooks, Connotations to unconsciously influence the human’s mind (ethically of course).

You may or may not have already realized just how powerful these triggers can be in your ads.

Introducing Social Selling

Words have power. Words can make or break people, galvanise the entire nation(Think Martin Luther King) and get people out of despair. Importantly, Words can also affect your sales. Social Selling is a framework we have devised to create ROI-multiplying digital campaigns for our clients.

Social Learning

Many campaigns fail because marketers fail to understand what is happening on the ground. They are sitting in their ivory tower running digital campaigns using words that fly past people’s heads. While we claim to possess an understanding of the basic nature of the universal human mind, each target market has its own nuances. Instead of making assumptions, we undergo social learning.

To succeed, we first map out your target audiences’ demographics & psychographics and create a profile of them on paper(replaced with computer now). We conduct probing via 1)in person meeting with you and  2)researching forums & review sites to find all the answers to our comprehensive checklist of 18 questions. In so doing, we gain an understanding of the thought process behind your target audiences.

Social Selling

Digital banker, Digital concierge and now, Digital salesperson. It’s hard to deny that people these days are doing everything from the comfort of their home or just about anywhere. A survey by Corporate Executive Board found that 57% of the purchase decision is already complete before the customer even calls the supplier.

Armed with knowledge gathered from phase 1, we put ourselves in the frame of mind of your target audience (like a temple medium?) to produce copy that speaks to them, as though it is a real in-person conversation.

Online attention span is short, at 8seconds(shorter than that of goldfish according to some studies). Social Selling entails first grabbing the attention of your prospects and hooking them in with Social triggers.  The next step emulates the real-life selling process whereby we establish credibility, counter objections, present an irresistible offer, all from a landing page. The visitor is brought through a process where he goes from being a cold audience to a warm prospect and takes an action on the landing page. In the online world, we call it conversion.

Social Metrics

No campaign is infallible. Even experienced marketers make wrong judgment calls or assumptions that fall flat. Thankfully, you no longer have to pay tens of thousands to print your ads, distribute to masses and then wait a few weeks for feedback to arrive.

Digital Campaigns provide insights realtime. Some of the social metrics we monitor closely include Clickthrough Rate(CTR),  Conversion rate, Cost per Click(CPC). The data is invaluable, and is part of the reason we are so confident of producing a successful ROI-multiplying campaign for our clients. We split-test 3-4 ad copies along with 3-4 target audience/keywords  per adset simultaneously and allow data to surface the winning combination. If we don’t get it right the first time, we iterative the process until it works.  Human judgment is subjective, but numbers don’t lie. Testing is the mother of all proof.

The more data is collected, the better your campaign performs. Once we identify winning parameters in your campaign, it is time to scale up, and to scale up profitably.  What’s more, leveraging Google/Facebook’s latest machine learning capabilities alongside our manual optimization allows us to be laser-targeted. It very accurately shows the right ads to the right audience through the use of A.I. It is like adding wings to the campaign.

In a nutshell, creating a winning campaign is part science and part art. Latest technology advancement in advertising complements and overcomes the inadequacies of human processing power and helps to scale campaigns effectively. Never has advertising been as exciting as what we know of today. (I imagine David Ogilvy jumping up and down if he knew about machine learning).

Breaking the Ice without meeting up

Pre-suasion, a term coined by Dr Robert Cialdini, refers to the idea that a person is persuaded even before meeting up with you. You break the ice without having to meet with the prospect.

Social Selling is a whole new paradigm in sales where part of the persuasion process is done online.  This is a far cry from the days of hard-selling where prospects are pressured and even swindled into making purchases.  With information readily available in today’s world, you cannot talk about sales without bringing in the online conversation.  Social Selling is characterized by transparency, psychology and clarity.

Our clients tell us that Social Selling framework has helped them to

Eventually, serious marketers & businesspeople realize they need to go beyond running ads that only scratch the tip of the icecube, and go deeper into audiences’ psyche.

Find out what Social Selling can do for you! Talk to us today.

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