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So you clicked on our ad and landed on this page! You have just experienced a facet of digital marketing.

Digital marketing has changed everything from recruitment to lead generation to business growth.

You may or may not have realized how this simple process can help our clients grow their business exponentially!

How can you potentially play a part in this? 

While “digital marketing” has become a buzzword, the actual adoption of digital marketing in Singapore is low, especially among SMEs. 

31% of SMEs here allocate less than $1k/month for marketing, while average adspend per SME in USA is $9-10k/month.

Businesses occasionally boost a few posts on Facebook or create a few articles and they consider that “digital marketing”.

The opportunity to leverage on the most powerful advertising platform in history is largely untapped in Asia.

If you have a genuine desire to help businesses (and earn money at the same time). 

And you believe in making the right recommendations and creating a win-win relationship with clients as their trusted advisor, instead of selling them what they do not need. 

Read on more. 


Has the resilience to carry on inspite of challenges and rejections

Is willing to share advice and happy to see people benefit from your help.

Has a positive outlook and a strong ability to take responsibility for their successes and failures

Has a sharp focus on your goals and a belief that your daily, weekly and monthly activities will help achieve them

Has the desire and commitment to do what it takes to be successful in sales

We believe that passion & drive trumps experience at any time of the day. If this is a role that would make you excited to come to work, do not hesitate to apply for this position regardless of background.


In Ice Cube Marketing, we create ad campaigns that help our clients grow their business fast with multi-fold ROI. We are a Google Partner and Facebook Managed Partner Agency, one of 55 qualified agencies in Singapore listed in Facebook Agencies Directory.


If there’s 3 things to describe what we do, that’s work, play and learn! We try to combine all 3 of them. As Confucius said, “If you love what you do, you never work a single day”


Association of National Advertisers(ANA) in 2018 estimated that 75% of digital media investment or $20 billion is squandered, due to ad fraud, use of vanity metrics and lack of tracking.

Perception of marketing is warped, and we work hard to reverse this impression. Check out the work we do here (hint: not black magic)


Companies burnt by digital marketing have now become commonplace. More than selling, your role at Ice Cube Marketing involves setting the right expectations and really helping those that are the right fit. Lastly, you should  have a genuine desire to help people who are lost in Digital Marketing (and earn good money at the same time)



Have clients who are grateful to you for helping them grow their business through our performance campaigns. Check out our testimonials. On top of that, you stand to gain huge exposure to businesses in diverse industries from education to beauty to finance etc.


Sales is the lifeblood of a company and the payout is commensurate with individual performance & contribution. We believe in sharing the success of the company with the team and making waves together.


Sales psychology is an intricate discipline not taught in school. With a culture of continuous improvement, our team members frequently guide and share best practices with each other to reach new peaks of excellence.

We are filling up fulltime positions. Before proceeding, please read the requirements above to make sure you are committed to the said role. In your application, please tell us (1)why you think you will be a great fit (2)why do you want to join us. Your attitude determines your altitude. Only applicants that answer the aforementioned questions in their application will be considered.

Note: We work in batches. This position opens once- twice a year for 1 month each.


    Apart from having the chance to work with great local brands and helping them grow their businesses, you will be working closely with the co-founders to perpetuate our mission. As a team with a clear common goal, we dispense with hierarchies, politics and all other B.S. , focusing on doing work that matters for our clients.

    It’s time to optimize your SEM budget and reduce ad wastage. Work with an agency that serves as a partner more than vendor. Fill in the form to initiate a chat. If there is a fit and we are able to help, we would love to bring your business to the next level with the power of ads.

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