How we drove 4000+ downloads of the mobile app in 3 months

All of us are familiar with ACRA, The Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority which provides a trusted regulatory environment for businesses, public accountants and corporate service providers in Singapore.
ACRA has just introduced its mobile app to help businesses in Singapore handle their corporate transactions more conveniently. ACRA needed an agency that could get more businesses to download the app and benefit from the use of it. They found Ice Cube Marketing, a performance digital marketing agency.

Driving Performance

The team at Ice Cube Marketing downloaded the app and explored all the features of the new product. We also sat down with the programmer and project IC to gain a deep understanding of the app inside out. This gave us the insights to craft messages that could espouse the benefits of the app in various ad copies. After split-testing myriad of messages, we landed on one that gave the most conversions consistently.



or more




Exceeded Target


times more than

Organic Downloads

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