How much does it cost to do Facebook Advertising in Singapore?

Unlike advertising on traditional mediums such as Straits Times where you fork out $7000 to buy a ”half-page ad space” , things are very different on Facebook.  So how much will it cost to advertise on Facebook? One of the biggest difference in ads pricing on Facebook vs traditional media is the flexibility in choosing […]

YouTube Ad Costs in Singapore – Are YouTube Ads Worth the Money?

YouTube is the second-most visited website (on a monthly basis) in the world, with 1.9 billion monthly active users. In Singapore, YouTube comes in as the most popular social media platform ahead of Facebook and WhatsApp, at 88.7% penetration rate! That’s why YouTube is far more than just a video-sharing platform – it’s one of the most important […]

3 ways to market like you are reading your prospects’ minds

One of the biggest challenges that you face as a business owner is to get your marketing to engage your prospects. The average person sees 1,700 banner ads per month. When you add online videos, newspapers, billboards, radio, and TV, it’s easy to see that consumers are inundated with ads. That’s why it’s so vital […]

5 COVID-19 Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

The COVID-19 crisis has made businesses scrambling to survive. Various business restrictions, decreased consumer spending, and a global economic slowdown means revenues and profits have taken a dramatic hit. But this doesn’t mean that you should be sitting idle waiting for this to pass over. You want to be proactive and take the necessary steps […]

Google vs Facebook ads: How to reach the untapped market?

In any market, only 3% of your target are actively searching your product. Find out how you can maximize your exposure and reach out to the untapped market. You are marketing to a different segment of audience when running ads on Google vs Facebook. The approach has to be tailored to each platform.

Digital marketing in Singapore 101: 5 things you need to know

As an advertiser spending more than 1million dollars each year across different industries, we gleaned several lessons about digital marketing in Singapore. Here’s the thing; Most of our digital marketing practices here hail from the United States but advertisers need to know that there are nuances in doing digital marketing in Singapore. In fact, many […]