35% lower cost per lead from previous campaign


Kumon Asia & Oceania Pte Ltd is looking for a results-driven agency to run an online campaign for its franchising business, in its bid to recruit franchisees and expand its presence locally. Apart from having to generate signups, the objective of the campaign is to ensure that the prospects fit the criteria of a Kumon franchisee.


Prior to engaging us, Kumon was working with another digital marketing agency. There was very little optimization work done on the campaign. The same ads were run all the time. As such, the results became stagnant for a while and the team felt that the campaign was not operating at its maximum potential.

What we did

As we audit the account, we found that the ad frequency and clickthrough rate could be improved in order to get better conversion results.

We sat down with clients and delve into the psychographics of the target audience. We also researched and found common fears franchisees potentially harbor.

Ultimately, our team crafted a message and leverage “benefits-stacking” to engage the target audience on various levels. As different prospects join for varying reasons, we made sure all grounds are covered using a comprehensive, yet concise writeup.

  • Direct response copywriting
  • Ad copies of various angles: Empowering, inspiring, pain-driven
  • Facebook ads targeting leveraging machine learning
  • Landing page optimization
  • Google and Facebook ads cross-targeting

“IceCube team is driven by performance. They took time to analyse our previous campaign and to understand our business and requirements as the first step of engagement. They were confident in achieving our targets and have delivered a 35% lower cost per lead and helped us in recruiting more targeted potential franchisees. It was a collaborative and productive experience with IceCube and we are happy to recommend their service to any business who is interested in generating results”

Jaye Chong

Division Leader, Kumon Singapore

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