Learn Facebook Ads From Experts

How to actually generate sales on Facebook without the use of any expensive software or website

Facebook Partner Manager, Fan Yang

Ice Cube Marketing Founder, Ted Chong

Live Webinar: 20th May 2020, Wednesday 2pm


COVID-19 is changing the business scene in Singapore. More businesses are going direct to customers online. However, many are still confused by all the conflicting strategies out there. Facebook is partnering Ice Cube Marketing to put together this free live webinar to help set you on the right path. Like any virtual events, there is limited space due to max capacity. So register your slot now!

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Ice Cube Marketing is a digital marketing agency that has helped organizations such as Kumon, PSB academy, ACRA, CBRE generate more sales through digital channels.

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Facebook & IceCube Live Webinar

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Live Webinar: 20th May 2020, Wednesday 2pm

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    It’s time to optimize your SEM budget and reduce ad wastage. Work with an agency that serves as a partner more than vendor. Fill in the form to initiate a chat. If there is a fit and we are able to help, we would love to bring your business to the next level with the power of ads.

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    Here’s the new way to get as many new customers as you can handle

    Now you can take advantage of our free Remote Selling Strategy Session for your business.

    Find out why your business is not getting a consistent stream of customers online yet, in this custom-tailored session:

    Understand the type of online funnel that complements seamlessly with your current sales process to ensure nothing falls through the cracks and budget is maximized to the last drop.

    Identify the most compelling call-to-action offer you can harness in your business.

    Spot untapped opportunities and gaps in your current online marketing approach we can exploit to see fast turnarounds.

    Demonstrate our realtime call tracking and audience conversion system for helping you increase sales.

    Run through case studies in your industry and find out what others are doing online to continually get leads and sales.

    With highly traceable metrics such as CPC and Conversion rate, PPC is one of the most predictable forms of sales engine for any company. If you have great plans for your company, talk to us now to see if we can help you achieve them.