Stop doing marketing that wastes your hard-earned money. 
Remove 90% of the risk of marketing.

All of us want our marketing campaigns to generate new businesses and not just “increase awareness”. 

Ask around and you know most marketing campaigns don’t generate attributable, tangible increase in sales. Marketing is risky. It involves trial-and-error. There are more errors than successes, if we are to be honest. 

Association of National Advertisers(ANA) in 2018 estimated that 75% of digital media investment or $20 billion is squandered, due to ad fraud, use of vanity metrics and lack of tracking. 

Sometimes, only 1 out of 10 campaigns actually manage to provide a positive ROI. 

If you work with an agency, you have to pay for services regardless of your ROI. This means you bear all the risk associated with the uncertain nature of marketing. 

All companies take on this marketing risk, among many other business risks anyway. It is just “normal”.

The reason I’m saying this. We have been doing marketing for a decade.

We think that things need to change.

Hence, we remodeled our marketing agency to take on the marketing risk for our clients.

We work on a performance compensation plan. Excuse me, performance is not defined as likes, shares, impressions, traffic, clicks or any of the marketing metrics.

Performance is revenue. Our remuneration is tied to the revenue generated from our campaigns. Period. 
(Note: To be eligible, your company must be able to fork our ad budget to Google/Facebook)

Who we can help: 

  • B2C Services based businesses
  • Education based businesses 
  • Local businesses with sales capacity

Who we cannot help: 

  • B2B businesses with long sales cycle
  • Ecommerce Resellers 
  • Businesses with new unproven product demand 

"Anyone can increase sales by dumping more money into ads. Not only did ice cube marketing help us bring in 200-300 leads a month consistently, they reduced our cost per lead by more than 50%. Also, it is observed that these leads tend to have a higher hit rate (more quality) than those we were getting. Thank you Ice cube Marketing!"

Eugene Huang

Director, Redbrick Mortgage Advisory

“The leads they(Ice Cube Marketing) provided come with a sense of urgency to buy. Importantly, we achieved a highly positive ROI (11x) from the campaign, not to mention the increased awareness for our company. We are currently scaling the campaign every quarter alongside capacity increment.”

Nick Zhou
Director, Airconnection Design Pte Ltd

Our brand experience

If you are unable to articulate exactly how much revenue is attributed to your marketing efforts, you are not doing it right.

Problems of modern advertising 

Businesses get “friend-zoned” in their marketing. The audiences ‘like’ your posts, click into your ad but they just do not buy from you. The leads that come in resemble more of random droplets rather than a consistent sustainable stream. There are 3 reasons why their marketing do not work: 

marketing duplication

 In manufacturing, duplication is the key to everything. In electronic and print media, duplication makes mass communication possible. But in marketing, duplication is suicide. It is commoditization. After all these years, you need a 3rd party perspective.

failure of the last mile

People don't see what's in your head, They don’t see all that work you’ve done for your other customers. All they see is your copy: ads copy, website copy, landing page copy. Businesses chronically undersell themselves online using words. 

perpetual discounts

With no idea how to grab the attention of audiences, businesses turn to discounts and promotions to attract buyers. The problem is that we can't do discounts forever. We are training customers to buy only during discounts. At a certain point, they stop working. 


i.Poise Design: "We expanded from 2 people to a team of 10 within a span of just 1 year"

Eugene Seah - Marketing Director, iPoise Design Pte Ltd

We first engaged a Google Premium Partner to manage our Adwords Campaign. However even after advertising for 1 year with this company, we had hardly 2 genuine leads.

Everything changed when one of our business partners recommended Ice Cube Marketing to us.Ice Cube Marketing offered to code and create a brand-new Landing Page inclusive of copywriting.

As a result, We have been receiving an average of 3 to 5 leads per week. We even closed several deals amounting to more than 6 figures in 1 month.

Rajan Chettiar: "Its lower budget that what i used to spend. The ROI is very good."

Rajan Chettiar - Founder and Managing Director, Rajan Chettiar LLC.

We have used a very expensive SEM agency, which later in years did not produce good results.

They(Ice Cube Marketing) had good ideas and they were willing to go the extra mile for us. Importantly, their ideas produced better results and at very reasonable prices. I am also impressed by their copywriting skills.  I consider Ricky and Ted, more than my business partners and as friends who care a lot about our Firm. 

I would highly recommend Ice Cube Marketing to anyone and everyone.

why we are so confident?

The way everyone does marketing now fails to harness the AI capabilities of Google and Facebook. Usually, AI is working AGAINST YOU not for you. They are not feeding the right materials into Facebook’s system to make it work. 


From developing target audience profile, using proven social triggers to grab attention, to converting visitors into warm leads and setting up tracking, we do it all for you. If it doesn’t work, there are no excuses. I mean, we don’t get paid. 

The reason our marketing campaigns are characterized by a higher-than-average success rate, is that we understand that the only thing that matters is results. We don’t stop testing because “our contract stipulates only 2 ad copies and 1 campaign.” We keep grinding until you see results. And we don’t stop. 

Therefore, working on the right project is everything for us. 

examples of our projects:

107 signups in 1 month

35% Lower cost per lead

$4.4mil of confirmed sales

Thousands of app downloads

frequently Asked questions

What are the deliverables of your project?

Leads.  Or Sales.  

That’s all. If you are looking for impressive reports and presentations, then we are not a right fit.   

Our guys spend 100% of their time on split-testing and optimizing your campaign for real business results. That said, we believe in accountability and transparency, so rest assured you will be in the know on the progress of your campaign. 

Why can’t you take on all projects?

Each project is manpower-intensive. As a service based business, we have limited capacity. As we focus on quality over quantity, we limit the projects that we take on. This way, we are able to give our best for every project under our care. 

Why performance based charging? 

It is a trend.

In the agency space, hit-and-run cases are becoming commonplace. Performance based model ensures a win-win and breeds sustainability of engagement. Google advocates it for adoption by Google Partner agencies like ours. It is a risk on both sides. We may end up working for free. On the other hand, client will have to trust our expertise enough to front the ad budget.

How does your performance-based compensation model work?

For each project, our compensation is pegged to the revenue generated. Think of this as a partnership. Instead of earning from you as your vendor, we collaborate to expand the pie and generate revenue from the market.

Under what situation will you not take up my case?

We want to work with business owners with a win-win mindset and a strong leaning for growth. They also understand it takes money to make money.  

If your method is so good, why would you offer it to public?  

Precisely because its so good, we want to do performance based arrangement with our clients- the right clients. Just as one seeks a dating partner who is the right fit, we are looking for dream clients.

Andrew and his team has done a phenomenal job at sourcing for fresh, high-quality leads for us. Having worked with several lead generation and marketing companies over the past 5 years, I can honestly say that Ice Cube produces the most ROI for every dollar we spend on ads. Not only are they honest, down-to-earth and easy to work with, they have singlehandedly increased our sales by 30% in less than 3 months. I have not worked with a single agency who is capable of producing such fast results. Results aside, I also cannot emphasize enough how many times Andrew has gone the extra mile for us, even when he didn’t have to.

Huey and Irene

Director, Absolute Wellness

IceCube team is driven by performance. They took time to analyse our previous campaign and to understand our business and requirements as the first step of engagement. They were confident in achieving our targets and have delivered a 35% lower cost per lead and helped us in recruiting more targeted potential franchisees. It was a collaborative and productive experience with IceCube and we are happy to recommend their service to any business who is interested in generating results

Jaye Chong
Division leader, Kumon Singapore

Get In Touch

We have a vested interest. Our profit model is predicated on working with the right type of business. We are quick to cut our losses by passing on clients that we cannot help. We seek your understanding in filling in this form so we can identify if there’s a fit. We promise we won’t waste your time. We will direct you accordingly even if we can’t help. If we say yes to your campaign, you have a 90% success rate.

    All information is kept private in accordance with our privacy policy

    About Ice Cube Marketing

    Ice Cube Marketing is a Google Partner as well as SAP Partner agency. We have spoken in OfficeExpo 2017/18, HDB, Singapore Chamber of Commerce and NUS spreading awareness around digital marketing in Singapore. Some of our clients include ACRA, MOM, New Zealand government, MOE and of course, numerous SMEs in Singapore.

    “Previously we had engaged SEM services offered by other service providers but sad to say, none of them were able to deliver what they had promised. The worst of the lot was a local agency which had repeatedly boasted to us of their good ‘track record’ and the kind of ‘awesome’ results they had achieved for their clients.

    Their services did not come cheap. But we thought since they were confident in charging such exorbitant fees, they should be able to deliver on their promise. How wrong we were! Despite investing a hefty 5-figure sum, they had little results to show. There was no ROI to speak of. Needless to say, we didn't continue our services with them. You can imagine how wary we became of all these so-called Digital Marketing “Gurus”.

    As a direct result of the help provided by Ice Cube and their secret marketing methodology, we have finally for the first time, increased our sales conversions from Google enquiries by approximately 30% while lowering our costs per lead acquisition by 50%! Such results wouldn’t have been possible, especially in a highly competitive industry like ours, without the relentless dedication of Ted, Ricky and their team!...”

    Edwin Edangelus Cheng

    Managing Director, EduEdge Learning Hub Pte Ltd

    “I have tried working with different marketing agencies as well as DIY-ing my campaign in recent years. As a business owner, I have to make many decisions and still find time to manage & optimise my online campaign. Through a friend, I was introduced to and started working with IceCube. Not only do I now enjoy a peace of mind over my campaign, Ice Cube helped us achieve 50% increment in number of leads & 30% increment in revenue. I can rest assured that my growth is taken care off with the IceCube team who is my trusted digital marketing partner now. On top of that, Ricky spent his precious time giving business advice to help in business growth, which I believe that this is the kind of business relationship that is win-win for both parties. Strongly recommend for serious business owner who wants to scale the business!”

    Zak Salleh-Chew
    Managing Director, CA International College

    Facebook Marketing Partner

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