Content Marketing in Singapore that produces ROI

People love ads. They just don’t want to see ads that look like ads. They want to see ads that look like content.

What is content marketing and why is it so popular ?

All of us know that Wright brothers invented the airplane. Did you know that there were other contenders in the Flight Race that were much more ‘qualified’? One of them is Samuel Langley. He had access to a lot more funds and resources and his only downfall was the focus on the wrong fixation. He was always trying to build a better engine.

Wright brothers instead focused on building a better glider. That was how they started ‘flying’ eventually.

Today’s social media marketers are focused on the Engine-Adtech, machine learning and AI algorithm. They forgot that it is content that moves people to take action. Good old content marketing is the glider that will make your digital marketing campaigns fly in Singapore.

Fact #1 : Google & Facebook reward advertisers that put out great content with higher quality score and lower Cost per thousand impressions. This translates to higher ROI in your content marketing campaign. Acting in accordance with the ad guidelines trumps any algorithm manipulation.

Fact #2 :About 60% of the sales process is already complete before a prospect ever speaks or has contact with a salesperson. (Harvard Business Review). In the internet age, this statistic shouldn’t come as a surprise. Unlike in the past, people no longer rely on salespeople as the main source of information. Where do they go?

Fact #3 :Traditional branding activities are expensive. A study by Moz shows that the cost per thousand impressions on newspaper/magazine is about 20-40times that of on Google/Facebook. Companies looking at an economical way to reach out to alot of people over time should consider content marketing with paid amplification.

What is content marketing and why is it so popular ?

It sure sound like content marketing is the panacea to all marketing woes. If thats the case, why aren’t more company succeeding?

Buying attention:  Most advertisers’ social media strategy involves simply putting an ad on Facebook selling their product at 20% discount and calling it a day. The Content marketing approach is different. It is about using content to draw attention and leading them from awareness to action.
Content overload: 4.75 billion pieces of content are shared on Facebook everyday. Content overload is real.  For businesses, it has become harder than ever to stand out. It demands an intimate understanding of our target audience and carefully crafting copies that sell.

What Content Marketing is Not

The common myths and mistakes of doing content marketing in Singapore:

Biased Advertorials

People commonly associate content marketing with advertorials & sponsored articles. Such content do little to drive sales. Savvy readers automatically presume that advertorials are biased towards the advertisers.

Unquantifiable ‘Branding’

Content marketing is not a branding exercise. Sales results shouldn’t take forever to kick in. In Ice Cube, we power lead generation campaigns using content, driving attributable sales for our clients in less than 1 month.

Editorial content

”Content marketing” is composed of two words, neglecting either one will not work. Too often, we see content that lacks the persuasive impact required to draw attention and drive sales. We do content + marketing.

What Content Marketing is Not


An onboarding session where we do a ‘deep dive’ into the target audience’s demographics and psychographics insights with you.


Identify the Big 5s of the target audience you want to reach: pain points, pleasure, objections, goal and obstacles.


Develop ad messages based on our proven formats that appeals to target audiences on an emotional and logical level.


Develop content for landing page and article(where applicable) for audiences at different stages of the funnel.


Launch and optimize social media campaign based on critical data such as clickthrough rate, engagement and Cost per acquisition.


Once a funnel is proven to work(positive ROI), we explore video marketing and other social media strategies to amplify the results.

Remarketing for ROI

Think of content marketing as a funnel where the audience go from awareness of your brand to purchase of your products. Instead of stuffing prospects with sales messages from the get-go, we use content that appeal to their general needs at the awareness stage. The readers of the content are added to a remarketing list and then sent to a landing page where the offer is made. This ensures that business results are tracked .

Remarketing for ROI








We all know that the downsides of discounts & promotions- cheapening the brand and training our customers to buy until during discounts. Marketing is about influencing perception and increasing perceived value. Using content to enhance the perceived value of your product/service attracts more customers without having to run discounts all the time.

Nope.  Content marketing doesn’t mean having to build a whole Straits Times publication. It can be done at various scales and still provide results.

We adopt  performance based based pricing model tied to your sales results. Check with us for more details.

Ted helped us rank  no.1 in Google for numerous keywords that we are targeting and drove an extra  50,000 visits & counting to Singaporebrides in only a few months .

Ng Chin Leng

Ice Cube marketing has contributed significantly to helping us evolve a cohesive content strategy across our digital and social platforms. They have provided relevant research, conducted interview with stakeholders and shared best-practice insights into a variety of topics, all of which have informed and improved our content approach and output.

Miko Chng
Head, Marketing Department
from London School of Business & Finance

You(Ted) provided great insights into content marketing for the participants and were able to explain clearly how they could market their content effectively on search channels and turn them into leads for their businesses. The participants were delighted to learn new practices and knowledge that help them in their businesses.

Samantha Loo
Senior Estate Manager, Housing & Development Board (HDB)

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